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Bratislava • Budapest • Prague


In the course of its four editions, the European Economic Congress has become unquestionably the most prominent business event in the central part of Europe. What used to be the ambition of organizers of the Congress not so long ago, now has become a fact: the common voice of Central Europe rings out stronger and stronger from Katowice, from Silesia, from Poland. Guests from the countries of our region of Europe, represented in large numbers in the group of Participants, have already started to regard the Congress as their own event, identifying themselves with its idea and becoming, to our particular satisfaction, the ambassadors of the congressional project and message in their countries.

The themes of the Congress cover pivotal issues for the economic and social development of Europe. This year’s issues discussed during the Congress sessions, debates and meetings will be of unique significance due to the current complicated situation in Europe. The challenges that we must face together in Europe concern fundamental issues – not only the stability of the Euro zone and the spending structure in the new financial perspective, but also the future of the common European energy policy and market, as well as climate policy priorities and their influence on the competitiveness of the European economy. The fast-paced technological, political and legal changes, dynamically developing market trends and behaviour patterns of energy recipients make it necessary to open a public debate on the new energy sector in the EU. The 2013 European Economic Congress will provide plenty of opportunities to hold such discussions.
Conferences will be held in Bratislava(28 February), Prague(March) and Budapest.

The main objective of the ECC Roadshow 2013 project will be to specify the issues of crucial importance for the countries of our region. We will sketch the topics that we will then elaborate on as part of the widespread European forum of the 5th European Economic Congress in May, 2013. We would also like to dedicate a part of each meeting to the possibilities of conducting bilateral cooperation between Poland and the countries that will host each of the conferences, in order to combine the opinion-shaping objective that creates the European debate with a practical, businesslike effect.